Home Selling Tips During the Holidays

Tips for preparing your home for sale during the Holidays and cold weather:

 Tips for selling during the HolidaysAlthough the traditional home-selling season has come to a close, homeowners still may be able to sell by making some minor adjustments that emphasize the home’s attributes. 

 ·      Homeowners in areas with extremely cold weather should take additional precautions when preparing their home for sale during the winter months.  Cleaning out gutters can help prevent icicles from forming and weather stripping windows will help to diminish drafts.  If the house will be vacant, it’s important that homeowners turn off and drain outside spigots so pipes do not freeze and burst.


·      Although holiday lights and decorations can look festive, some home buyers may be discouraged if they do not hold the same beliefs as the seller.  If the home is occupied, lighting a fire in the fireplace may be a better option for providing a comforting feeling.


·      Energy efficiency is top of mind with many of today’s home buyers.  Providing a list of energy saving alterations, such as wrapping pipes with foam sleeves and replacing windows and appliances, can help draw more buyers.  Providing a copy of recent utility bills also may be helpful.  It’s recommended that personal information, such as account numbers, be blacked out to guard against identity theft.


·      Although the winter months mean spending more time indoors, sellers can showcase a beautiful garden or other outdoor draw by displaying photographs taken during the spring and/or summer.  This can help illustrate to buyers the home’s other valuable attributes.


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